Best Paas Providers


Paas providers allow multiple employees to edit and view different types of files at the same time. This simple feature, familiar to everyone from Google Docs, allows teams to achieve synergy and solve business problems much faster. Small business problems – in a wide variety of areas – can be accomplished with simple, open-source applications. Let’s remember some of them.

Top 5 the Best Paas Providers

1. NextCloud is an interesting cloud file storage service. It’s like Dropbox, only open-source, with great customization options and installation on a physical server.

In NextCloud, users can not only upload files (NextCloud Files section) and view them together, but also manage calendars, contacts, and schedule projects (NextCloud GroupWare). Calls, chat, and video calls are available through the Nextcloud Talk module.

2. Р7-Office is a domestic package for office work, which includes editors of tables, presentations, mail client, project tracker, chats, audio, and video calls service.

As a matter of fact, for most small businesses, this package is just enough. It has everything that modern editors, email programs, project management services can do. “Р7-Office ” is a cloud solution available both for PC (Windows, Linux, and macOS are supported) and for mobile devices (iOS and Android). The server version allows the entire team to work with documents at the same time, and integration with the clouds allows you to work with documents wherever they are stored. In addition, access to files can be provided to unregistered users.

3. Trello is a cloud-based project management software for small teams. In fact, this is a digital version of a kanban board, where all employees see current projects, edit them as tasks are completed, and bosses monitor and coordinate these processes.

Trello board users see all the company’s tasks in the form of columns of cards, where you can add files, documents, write text descriptions and discuss it all in chat. Trello lets you customize process status notifications. You can move tasks between columns in one click.

4. Slack is a legendary corporate messenger. This is a messaging program built specifically for business tasks – as a replacement for, for example, Telegram or WhatsApp, it will be somewhat cumbersome.

In Slack, you can create channels, exchange personal messages, transfer files, search through archives (in the free version – up to 10 thousand messages). Slack supports easy integrations (embeddings) of tools like Trello or Google Docs, which makes collaboration “seamless.

5. If your business is code-related, you can’t do without GitHub. Initially, this resource was conceived as a service for hosting small open source projects, but practice shows that it copes well with related tasks.

Features of Paas Providers in the Insurance Business

Paas Providers for insurance companies must have a specific interface that would meet the requirements of such companies. The specificity of the interface lies mainly in a certain set of system partitions, as well as in a set of fields that are not typical for other areas in the forms of the system. Consider below in more detail the requirements for CRM-system from the point of view of insurance companies.

Commercial and non-commercial organizations that have a large customer base need a system that allows them to work effectively with such a database: quickly view the list of existing customers, add new customers, edit and delete data in the system, and more. For insurance companies, this need is extremely relevant, as the number of customers is often measured in the hundreds and thousands.