Best Cloud Computing Services


Although the concept of cloud computing appeared in the 20th century (it was only called “more scientifically”), the real boom of this technology occurred in 2008. Today, the concept of “cloud storage” is no longer surprising, but not everyone knows what it is, how it works, and why it was created. We will try to answer these questions in simple language.

What Is a Cloud Computing Service?

Cloud storage is not a super-complex IT technology, but just one of the models of online data storage. It practically does not differ from the traditional way of storing information on remote servers. The exception is that the user does not need to buy or rent a separate server with disk space, and then configure it to be able to upload files there.

Another key difference between cloud services is their relative cheapness compared to a standalone server. The user pays only for the disk space that he needs to work. The main thing is that a person does not need to pay for computer power (the amount of allocated RAM, processor time, etc.), as is the case with renting a server or even shared hosting.

All that an ordinary user needs to interact with cloud storage is to log in to the website of a company that provides services for storing user data on its servers. The personal account of such services has all the necessary tools for working with the cloud – downloading, uploading, and the ability to view downloaded files.

Many cloud storage owners create special applications for computers and mobile devices for most of the operating systems that exist today. This provides users with the ability to manage their data without the need for a browser, which greatly increases the level of security and more.

Unlimited Cloud Storage – Best Services

Most cloud storages do not offer unlimited tariff plans in the form in which we are used to understanding the term “unlimited” (Unlimited). This concept means that it is possible to upload files to the cloud without worrying about the fact that the acquired disk space will run out. Under “unlimited for everything” should be understood the traditional “unlim” – no restrictions on the number of files stored in the cloud.

  1. One of the most famous cloud services in the world – Dropbox – offers its customers the purchase of the “Advanced” plan with unlimited storage space. The description of the tariff on the official website says so – “As much space as needed.”
  2. Mega cloud storage has become widely known for its ability to encrypt files stored in the cloud, as well as by providing all new users with a “record” of 50 gigabytes of free disk space. As in the case of Dropbox, the Mega cloud service has special tariff plans for corporate clients, or rather only one – “Mega for Business” with unlimited disk space.
  3. OpenDrive is one of the few cloud services that have unlimited data plans for ordinary (i.e. non-corporate) users. In this case, there is only one – “Personal Unlimited”. You can become the owner of unlimited disk space for $ 9.95 a month or for $ 99 if you pay a year in advance. At the same time, the service provides the ability to use the storage for two users (for one or more additional accounts, you will have to pay extra).