Antivirus for Chrome

How to Choose a Good Antivirus for Chrome?


In the recent past, almost all antiviruses were paid software. Currently, most of the well-known anti-virus software developers offer special free versions of their software products. Although they have limitations in functionality, they are still able to protect the computer from all kinds of virus threats and actions of all kinds of malicious/unwanted programs. So how do I choose the best chrome antivirus?

Kaspersky Free is a Good Antivirus for Chrome

Kaspersky Lab has long joined the ranks of anti-virus software developers that provide computer protection against viruses absolutely free of charge. Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus is capable of detecting and neutralizing almost all types of virus threats, but in the free version, unfortunately, it is impossible to configure protection, therefore it is not clear which anti-virus modules are working at the moment and how not.

One of the strengths of the program is real-time monitoring of Internet traffic transmitted through the browser and automatic blocking of malicious code that tries to enter the computer. Immediately after installation, a special extension (plug-in) is installed in all browsers supported by Kaspersky Free, which serves as a kind of built-in mini-antivirus. Here you can see the installed Kaspersky Protection plugin in the Chrome browser.

Of course, in addition to the active protection mode, Kaspersky Free provides a function for fast/ full/selective scanning of your computer for malware. In order not to forget to manually scan your computer from time to time, this process can be automated. In the settings of Kaspersky Free, you can familiarize yourself with other options and functions of the antivirus:

  1. Enable/disable interactive protection (automatic removal of malware immediately upon detection).
  2. Fine-tuning performance (you can enable/disable some of the anti-virus functions to save computer resources when it performs other tasks).
  3. The ability to customize the main protection modules: managing the list of exclusions, network protection, self-defense (blocking attempts by malicious programs to modify antivirus files on disk and/or in RAM), and others.

Panda Free Antivirus as Another Good Antivirus for Chrome

Panda Free Antivirus is close to Avast Free Antivirus in terms of detection and elimination of threats (according to the results of tests by various agencies) – they are eternal competitors in the antivirus software market. However, in terms of interface convenience and ease of use, Panda Antivirus surpasses its rival in many respects, so this antivirus program is recommended for inexperienced users.

Panda Free Antivirus is really “as easy as a penny” to manage. Its main task – computer scanning – slowly performs in the background. Each time the user opens the program, the user will see the number of scanned files – and this number is constantly increasing. And the good news is that scanning in the background consumes very little computer resources. All the most important functions of any antivirus are available in Panda Free Antivirus for free (to call them, by the way, you don’t have to go to different tabs – everything is located in the main window):

  1. Computer scan. There are three modes available – critical zones (scanning the system disk and important OS directories), full and spot checks.
  2. Checking devices. A useful feature for owners of iOS and Android gadgets. Using this function, you can check for malicious files and/or vulnerabilities in the configuration of mobile devices.